Shakey Head A Craw. They are extremely versatile, fall with an erratic spiraling action on a jig head, and are a go-to bait for sight fishing. Select The Right Swim Jig Trailer Color. Sometimes a dual tail trailer is good. 4/0 Mustad Hook 10 Record-Setting Fish Caught In Utah This Season, 4 Tips To Prevent Your Feet From Freezing This Winter, Everything You Want To Know About The 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm, How The Army Uses Christmas Trees To Make Fishing Better, 10 Fishing Tips That Will Help You Catch A New Personal Best Bass. I know some anglers use whatever soft plastic trailer is handy. Well, I’m just as fussy about my choice of trailers that I put on the backs of those jigs. It's got a ridge on. it's back so you know when you're rigging it straight … 3. The Gary Yamamotto craw is a perfect example of a trailer with minimal action that appeals strongly to big bass. The Craw has a lot of action in the water. so it's really tight against the jighead. Get a package in black/blue and then one in a more natural color to fish behind the 1/4 ounce bluegill. Craw Dawg Custom Jigs products are made with 66 skirt strands and several colors to choose from. Craw Tubes have are hollow inside as in the Yum Craw Bug, the other is known as a craw worm and is not hollow, more like a worm. By standing up off the bottom, the shakey head makes a craw look like it’s in an alert, defensive posture – which is enough to get even the most pressured bass riled up. I used Texas-rigged-worm most because that's what's worked. Chunks - Can be plastic or pork and are usually flat and bulky with no appendages. Bass anglers favor creature baits because the appendages produce a natural looking action similar to a swimming baitfish or crawling crawfish. The Googan Baits Krackin’ Craw also features small side legs that produce a very subtle and natural movement, even when the bait is not moving to entice wary bass into biting. These are the "sliders". For obvious reasons, this makes crawfish imitating plastics staples in even the most novice basser’s arsenal. I'm gonna go ahead and put this Rage Craw on the back of this Strike King KVD heavy cover swim jig. Hop the jig out until you no longer feel the grass. depending on size of the baits 4/0 or 6/0 would be best. Now,...If I remove the claws first, hes gone in seconds. If the cover is vertical such as a stump without a lot of roots, let the bait fall down alongside the stump and let it sit there. With that in mind, below I have put together a list of trailers that work extremely well when paired with a Chatterbait. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Be the first to rate this post. An important consideration with jigs is the method by which trailers are held on the jig. This video demonstrates how to correctly rig a YUM Craw Bug by 10-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Alton Jones. This combination produced a ton of fish and was very productive. A craw style trailer and a swimbait style trailer. Sometimes a single tail is better. When rigged properly, the lure sits with its flappers horizontally on each side. There are a lot of times due to different factors when the fish won’t hit a jig very well but they will hit a creature bait. Send you craw through the vegetation and it can create a bunch of noise which can trigger a strike from a feisty bass. The same basic retrieve you employ for a jig also works for the creature bait. If flipping a Chigger Craw on a jig doesn’t work, I like to skip a wacky rigged PowerBait Fat Dover Crawler. A soft plastic craw such as the Strike King Rage Tail Rage Craw is another ideal jig trailer that helps the lure mimic either baitfish or crawfish. Crawfish lures are often set up with a Carolina Rig. If I just put them in the tank, it could be up to an hour or so (unless he has been starved for a few days) before he starts tagging up on one of them. The key is to choose a trailer that will look and feel like the desired prey species. We dipped the craw and painted some of the hairs of the swim jig. Most anglers would trail these with a craw or grub. I know some anglers use whatever soft plastic trailer is handy. The answer is to go with your gut. A plastic craw generates a lot of action from its flopping pincers which makes it ideal for swimming a jig along boat docks or laydown logs. Casting a Texas-rigged freak bait and working it through deep brush piles similar to a plastic worm catches bass in the summer and fall. When fishing horizontal cover such as laydowns or boat docks keep your freak bait moving. What I look at when choosing a jig trailer there are 2 things I want to accomplish; over all profile & the rate of fall. Once you select a jig, matching the trailer becomes easier. His favorite trailer to thread on his jig when skipping docks is a simple one: a plain green pumpkin Zoom Fat Albert twin tail. 27th Jun 04 at 08:39 : Whats involved in jigging a car? Drag the freak bait behind a 3/4- to 1-ounce sinker, which allows the rig to dig up the bottom better. Orient The Lure On The Jighead Correctly. Craw style trailers like the MISSILE Baits Turbo Craw have two big flappers which cause the jig to ride higher in the water column, allowing you to fish over vegetation that has grown up towards the surface a little easier.
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